When I asked for more details about the the guests ...

guest response

"I am the organiser of this trip. Not sure why you require all these extra personal details as I am booking and paying through Airbnb."

our response...

"Perfect - Thank You!

You are booking and paying via Airbnb but your contract is with the owner of the property.

Unfortunately Airbnb only supply first guest's name and number.

We require more information from our guests in order to comply with UK law and for insurance purposes.

On arrival please provide evidence of identity such as Photo ID

  • Current Passport or National Identity Card or (If Non UK National)
  • Driving Licence (If UK National)

Happy New year!"

{the mobile number on the guests Airbnb account is Australian and currently not in use - they have another UK mobile number - good job I checked!! - oh and the address on the account is not up to date!!}

{I am still speechless at this she did actually respond with the details asked for}

Why does this have to be all so hard?


2 years ago

sigh - there needs to be some serious guest education... I'm coining the term Guestucation!

2 years ago


2 years ago

Thats a great name.......

indeed a big sigh!

but how do you educate a guest when you can't communicate openly with them before they book - if you do you try just end up irritating them...

2 years ago

Hopefully some of our future tools will educate guests. Everyone loves a deal & when guests are presented with the opportunity to save money, they will learn a lot about the extra fees charged by listing sites 😉

2 years ago


Nick MarshallNick Marshall
2 years ago

I think, as Desiree did, we have to explain the reasons for why we make these requests. It should not have to be so hard but we live in a period of time when many people seem unable to think of the needs of others - even if by doing so they are not helping themselves. We run a small online holiday home booking agency in Australia and experience the same dumb inability to co-operate almost every day.

Educating guests is part of the solution but so is educating AirBnB. Problem is that they and all the others, rather like supermarkets, only see life through their own and their customers eyes. The suppliers, on the other hand must adapt to all wants and needs of the customer and the middlemen.

Supermarkets and OTAs are impersonal - you can run in and get what you want - fly through self check out - never interacting with a human unless you have an issue or choose to.

  • what will happen to vacation rentals when they apply the new technology that identifies you or your mobile device (probably wearable or an implanted chip) as you go in and out the door logging the goods you picked up and billing your account ?
Nick MarshallNick Marshall
2 years ago

Hi Desiree - Much of the technology is very helpful because it saves time and money. On the other hand, life would be very dull without the human interaction which so often creates the memorable experience. I am sure that my own business has prospered (despite the search page domination of the OTAs) because our customers can talk to us. Around 30% of our enquiries come through the phone first, rather than by email. People like dealing with people and asking questions. A phone conversation is far more revealing to both participants than an email string and it is so immediate. For one of the giant OTAs with a million + listings, a phone connection is a costly and messy inefficiency. I can vouch for that but then I enjoy the costly, messy, inefficiency of being a human!

2 years ago

You might already do this, but I ask for an email address for every Airbnb booking. This way I can send them more information, links to our video and put them on my mailing list. This also enables me to send them a copy of our contract (which I rarely do anymore) but also allows me to ask more questions.

2 years ago

I like it. A video is a great way to quickly explain things to guests and provide a really personal experience.

We also test the mobile given is in use by asking for email address via text and then through the airbnb message system if no response after 24 hours.

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