Managing a property portfolio isn’t an easy job. According to Business Insider, many Airbnb hosts use the site for ‘flexible part-time work’ rather than as a ‘full-time career.’ For the large percentage of individuals who rent out their property on Airbnb as a side job or hobby which offers additional household income but isn’t their professional day job, managing work vs personal time alongside your client’s expectations becomes more difficult.

The problem

At KeyNest, we always seem to come across the same problems. How are you meant to help check in guests in two properties if they come at the same time? What about late guests, and guests that want to visit when you’re going to be sunning yourself in the Maldives on your family holiday? What about when guests want to check in during the day when you’re at work? You may be pretty great but you’re not superman.

Does any of this sound familiar? It was to Guy.

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