Today a seemingly simple question was asked in today’s meeting…

For our social media marketing efforts, who is our target group?

Without hesitation the quick consensus was:

Everyone who has already stayed in, or will consider staying in one of our properties.

Wow. How easy was that?!?

Then the wheels started turning as everyone paused to give a little more thought as to who were some of our Guests so far this year.

  • The grandparents that brought the kids and grandkids and footed the total bill for a luxury chalet and all the ski lessons.
  • The Guys group this summer who wanted to sample all of the golf courses in the area.
  • The siblings who were attending their brother’s kid’s wedding in July.
  • Or that great family from New Zealand that stayed for three weeks in January so they could experience downhill skiing for the first time ever.

In reality, our “target group” isn’t narrow or easily defined, given the broad range of activities and diverse seasons that influence Guest visits to our area.

In our case one size doesn’t fit all.

What are everyone's thoughts on social media, demographics and marketing to the correct audience?


2 years ago

Good discussion. We make good headway based on location and local exposure. Reaching further than tjose you have reached via their social networks is an opportunity, but this no doubt needs incentivising.

2 years ago

Great topic Don, you’ve raised some really interesting points!

We eventually stopped using free social media strategies for promoting our holiday rental business because it didn’t really have any measurable return on investment - in terms of bookings.

But perhaps we were doing it wrong...

Promoting a brand vs a location

We promoted our brand, as you can see on our twitter page:

Advantages of promoting our brand

  • We used our followers as “social proofing” so people trusted our website
  • We could communicate with guests who’d followed us

Disadvantages of promoting our brand

This came at a cost:

  • Gaining followers was timely and expensive - and we had no real way of knowing if social proofing worked / mattered
  • Customers only reached out to complain!

Perhaps we should of promoted a lead magnet (our location)...

After reading this great advice I believe a better solution would have been to create social media accounts based around your location. For example:

Insiders guide to Torquay

We could then promote free e-books (restaurants, attractions, secrets & tips) in exchange for an email address.

This is a great idea because coming back to your topic:

The one thing ALL your guests have in common is the location!

So it makes total sense to promote the location first & brand second.

People who are travelling have a real reason to follow you - and potentially book with you!

In conclusion

I believe the location is where businesses should focus their social media efforts - because audiences vary too much and it’s the only thing where "one size" fits all!

If you're spread out over multiple locations, I think it's worth while creating multiple accounts for each location and using tools like Buffer to mange them all simultaneously.

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