Create the ultimate guest experience with communication that is just right. Making each trip personalised and unique is hard enough when you have just one guest, so can be nigh on impossible for a property manager with a growing business.

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2 years ago

Guest communication is NO.1 in the brand delivery messages. I notice that some people may be upsetting guests however helpful or thoughful they may be so care needs to be taken, messages like:

"thanks for booking with us on, we are really looking forward to welcoming you to Barcelona. Just for future reference, you can save yourself the EU90 service fee by booking direct. Just email, call or visit our website, where you can also find more information on the area, where this fee could have given you a great night out".

Everything needs to be well phrased.

2 years ago

Hi Richard

That email demonstrates a great example of messaging that provides real value to your guests whilst helping you establish your business and brand. Helps you turn a guest into a customer for life.

It's a fine line!

2 years ago

It could be phrased differently of course: " Oh dear, despite the fact we are really pleased that you booked, we can't believe you paid that service fee and were conned out of EU90..............etc"

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