Instant bookings and changes in "best match" algorithms are coming to listing sites like VRBO. But what are they, and what do they mean for you? A deep dive for vacation rental owners everywhere.

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2 years ago

Good article and highlights the issues. This line about 92% prefer to book online instantly is certainly not true everywhere. 90% of all our bookings are after comms. We have instant book available in certain parts of portfolios and comparative rates are 10% instant.

Sure "Book Online", with card payments etc is a process, but HomeAway and others have been rather smart on this promotional element and have aligned it with OTA demand whereas it applies to all sites.

The chaos and changes however are causing massive disruption to the non instant book processes and also emphasising the need for tech and help from professionals. Managers will be needed more to assist and represent as they live and breath these issues as part of their business.

2 years ago

Great domain Andrew, didn't realise you re-branded.

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