At Rentals United we're always looking for reliable & inspiring news sources, and everyone is encouraged to share their favourite vacation rental newsletters with the rest of the team. So here are the absolute must-have newsletter subscriptions to be inspired and in-the-know. We also list example articles you should be reading now!

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last year

Thanks from Hostfully for the love and shout-out, @Emma! Thrilled to be mentioned with such a great group of industry leaders.

Our pleasure David! :)

last year

Yes, thank you Emma for including VR Weekly! Featuring this post on our newsletter will be like Newsletter Inception πŸ™ƒ

Our pleasure! Thanks a lot, I hear from Vanessa that we get many clicks through your newsletter! :)

Oh so you forgot about us in your newsletter :(

last year

Nope :). You're already queued for next week. There's a few we had to reserve for next week because we had so many posts. I'm considering running two emails a week at this rate 😁

Ah great to hear! Now I'm happy again :D and yes, could be a good idea !

Thrilled to see our mention in your newsletter Danny! Thanks for the shout-out and love! :)

last year

LOVE this list Emma! Feeling honoured to be included ☺️ πŸ™Œ

Love your posts Jess! :)

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