"Wow. Who lives here?" Close the door behind you and exhale. It's beautiful. It's big. It's exactly where it said it was. It's clean. "We do, kids, we do." So began our mini-break adventure at that most wonderful of things - someone else's house. Not mine.

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This would make and excellent review - I wonder how to get guests to do this type of review - write in effect a short essay?

Pay them lol

That would be unethical?

Good idea! Maybe more ethical to offer them a discount off their next holiday but not sure even this is enough incentive!

All sorts of things motivate people bribes, incentives, discounts, rewards, recognition, the list is endless

I suppose the easiest thing is to just ask them.

"What would you want in order to write a review like this?"

Here is what others have asked for - show them a poll?

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