I had a guest who absconded and it transpired that airbnb had not processed payment via their credit card in time and that apparently both credit cards the guest had submitted were invalid or cancelled. Airbnb is now (nearly 2 months later) still not responding to my calls or mails. So much for guarantees and reliability.


2 years ago

Yeh, we feel short changed too!!

Back in early Autumn, we took a booking form a US guest (we're based in Torquay, Devon, UK) for 5 nights and then unbeknown to us, two weeks before, AirBnB had cancelled the ladies booking.

Unawares, we emailed on our arrival information to the guest several days before they were due to arrive, only to be told via a subsequent email from the lady that AirBnB had cancelled her booking several weeks before!!

We had no notification from AirBnB that this cancellation had taken place. We called our portfolio manager in AirBnB, who told us that we should have received email notification of the cancellation.

We searched and searched for this apparent notification in Gmail but nothing was ever found.

We were obviously duty bound to pay the owner the income they were expecting from the booking and we lost over £500.

AirBnB never compensated us for this loss!

Very frustrating, unsatisfactory and annoying knowing you're just an ant in a giant Termite mound, urrgghh!

2 years ago

I accepted a booking in my 3-bed apartment and blocked off the dates to avoid other requests.

Then, on the SAME DAY as check-in, the guest sent me a message saying they wanted to cancel the booking... 4 hours before scheduled arrival! I'm not sure why they cancelled but they used "extenuating circumstances", which negated my cancellation policy :(

Airbnb is unreliable and I'm a little scared to accept any bookings on the platform because it maybe cancelled.

I know cancellations are fairly rare but because of Airbnb's loose policies, it encourages guests to book & cancel depending on how they feel that day.

2 years ago

That's a good point. Airbnb may develop a similar relationship to booking.com & hotels.

Anyone remember this advert which was abruptly taken down after complaints:

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