Lola, the latest brainchild of Kayak co-founder Paul English, has quietly pivoted away from leisure travel to become a business travel booking tool.

Skift's take

Lola’s pivot to business travel makes a lot of sense from a financial perspective. One has to wonder, however, whether the small company will be able to attract customers in the crowded corporate travel marketplace.

My take

Guests still don't like chat interfaces because part of the travelling experience is researching, searching & booking - and the personal assistant removes these stages. See Google's travel stages:

Also, trusting a personal assistant and or AI is tough because most people think/know they can do it better.

It makes a lot more sense for business travel because in this case, there's not as much pressure on the experience and business travelers want to remove these stages to save time & money.

See Skift's article here.


10 months ago

As a business traveler I kind of miss the old days of a phone call away. Stuck in a city, rushing A to B. Storm or airport strike appears and no flights out for example. You need a hotel room, need to re-arrange flights and fast. Last thing I want to do it is stand on the street peering into a small window and pouring through options, especially when there is so much digibabble and attempts to defraud and make instant decisions.

Its easier to call Amy and she knows my preferences, budget, location, and has an office of tools to sort and could get better deals anyway. Where are you Amy these days?

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