I'm interested in the most important amenities to look out for when buying a holiday home. I know it depends on location & price range but there must be some general amenities​ that apply to all rentals.


2 years ago

In addition to the many great points Richard made, I would say that you shouldn’t overlook the location or uniqueness of the property. Location, location, location is the age old saying for property ownership and it couldn’t be more true for owning holiday rentals as well. When travelers decide to go on vacation, the choice is based on location and the surrounding events and activities available to them. So take a look at the property you are considering and ask yourself, what are the nearby attractions that will ultimately attract visitors to my vacation rental? The nightly price difference due to location is strikingly different for holiday rentals. I work for a property management company that specializes in managing holiday rentals, and I can confidently say that our biggest earners are in great locations and are therefore able to offer some sort of unique experience to their guests.

2 years ago

Well, after a quick search I found Tripping.com asked American consumers their most important amenities were:

From these, only pool, balcony & fireplace are things you'd want to buy with the house. Others you can just buy later.

I'd be interested to see what features are important in Europe & the rest of the world.

2 years ago

Much of it is common sense, but don't forget your demographics as this affects opportunity substantially. Here are a few things we would advise to get the best opportunity:

a) Ground floor bedroom(s) and bathroom(s) people are getting older and often travel as families and stairs can be a problem.

b) Parking. Many people are both car concerned and also don't want to walk to their car. Drinking and driving: walk to town/pub/local amenities/beach etc.

c) Outside space with cover (sun) and enclosed for children

d) Pets opens up new horizons, so outside space again.

e) if you are considering disabled, then access is essential as is the design of rooms and levels of convenience.

f) Number of beds vs bathrooms. People expect their own space and sharing bathrooms is becoming less common

g) Views are a great draw and add to photography. Rural, water and in cities, skylines. h) Proximity to /Ski/beach/river.

i) Internal space with potential isolation areas for kids to separate from parents. One set watching Finding Nemo, the adults relaxing from the kids!

2 years ago

According to another survey, the kitchen was the most important. Here are the findings: http://www.statista.com/statistics/303340/most-important-vacation-rental-amenities-for-travelers-us/

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