With 1000's of rooms and apartments in the most popular places and more listings being added daily, you must be ahead of the competition to get more bookings. On this site we've gathered some Airbnb SEO tips to make your listing appear on the first page when a potential guest searches for a property like yours on Airbnb. A higher ranking means more views, inquiries and bookings. Here are some factors that determines your Airbnb ranking:

  • Whether your listing has instant booking or not
  • Your response rate
  • Number of photos
  • Name of place or attraction in listing headline
  • Number of reviews
  • Number of 5 star reviews
  • Links from social networks and search engines

See more detailed information on the points above and learn more on the Airbnb Tips Blog: http://the-airbnb-tips-blog.webnode.com/airbnb-seo-tips-get-on-the-first-page-in-airbnb-search/

If you have any additional tips or comment, please add them in the comment field below.

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2 years ago

Thanks for your post.

The only thing I can add is keyword research. If you're planning on increasing search engine visibility for your Airbnb property page, I'd suggest doing extensive keyword research. Search terms are highly competitive. You want to find a niche that will allow you to be in the top 3 results.

If your rental is dog friendly, you could focus on search terms like:

"Dog Friendly Cottage in Shaldon"

I'd then focus on including these keywords in my description & title. For example:

"Danny's dog friendly cottage retreat in Shaldon" etc.

I'd then go about getting links to my Airbnb page.


If you're going to the effort of increasing search engine visibility for an Airbnb page, it might be a good idea to get your own website and accept direct bookings. Then focus on increasing your websites SEO. Two advantages:

  • No guest service fees
  • Direct communication with the guest to encourage repeat bookings

Rentivo runs a website builder & payment solution for hosts to get started 😉.

Thanks Danny, keyword research is indeed a very useful tool to improve the Airbnb ranking as well as the ranking for vacation rental websites. Would you maybe like to write a short article about it to publish on our webpage http://the-airbnb-tips-blog.webnode.com? We'll of course link back to your bio / webpages.

2 years ago

Jan, sure. We're in the process of raising so I'm a little pre-occupied over the next few weeks but will send you something to post about SEO / keywords 😉.

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