The Internet has changed everything. It has taken what was once a simple cottage industry and exploded it into a multi-billion dollar business that spans the globe. A guest in Peoria, Illinois can now rent a private home in Stockholm, minutes.

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Tammi SimsTammi Sims
2 years ago

Smart commentary and thank you for your focus on guest experience. I am in many host circles and hear about unfortunate guest experiences courtesy of hosts who are likely not in it for the right reasons and are amateur hosts. It harms the reputation of the listing platforms that many of us use (but hopefully don't rely on.)

Rod FittsRod Fitts
2 years ago

Thank you for your comment :) The Internet re-set the VR market’s growth curve and put us all back to the beginning of a new market cycle with all the challenges that come with new markets.

Even though these challenges can be frustrating today we have been given the great opportunity to set the rules that will guide our industry for years going forward.

The key is for us to keep talking about our industry so we recognize those challenges and to come together as a community so we can address them.

Andy McNultyAndy McNulty
2 years ago

This is true of pretty much any marketplace where you're not buying from an established brand. The difference here is that weekly rentals are usually 4-figure sums!

As a guest you make an informed decision. Reviews help, social proof helps, professional presentation in the listing helps (photos and descriptions), etc.

Personally I nearly always end up using all this to form a gut feel. What do my instincts tell me? That's not particularly scientific but, unless there's an industry accreditation of some sort, it's all I have!

I think this is where a growing number of professional, forward-thinking PMs may have the leg up. The good ones can clearly convey (and prove) what they stand for. Just as long as they're not so large that they lose the personal touch :)

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