Hear that? It might just be the death knell for Airbnb/vacation rental self-management. No matter how you cut it, this was a rough week for those who believe owner-managed vacation rentals are the future of the short-term accommodation space. How can I say that, you ask? Let's read

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last year

I had to post this from Rented.com as it is so relevant and from our take, true.

Its an excellent summary of a very precarious position for owner managed properties. It's be a "professional micro-manager" with all the guest expectations or see the professional managers properties to start seriously dominating search and brand. There are opportunities of course, but it takes a concerted concentrated effort to avoid being "lost in listings".

These brands know that millions of owner managed properties is fractional in income, experience and consistency. A very high % are full accommodation not shared and the Airbnb ethos/projected image will be diluted by brands growing and using them as channels..

Really interesting times ahead!

last year

Thanks! It's been interesting to watch the evolution of the business from "we would NEVER do that," to "where did you say all our revenue came from again?"

last year

Thanks for the post. Really interesting article!

But please, spare a thought for those self-managing hosts who no longer stand a chance. After all, they are the ones that helped get us here in the first place.

The unicorn is moving past its grass roots...

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