Running a vacation rental isn't easy, it takes lots of time and energy. But the complications are fewer if your rentals are local, you're at hand to deal with your clients and eventual problems. Not located in a tourist destination? Looking to invest in a property abroad?

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Tammi SimsTammi Sims
2 years ago

Lisanne - do you know about Properly? It's an app that allows a host or owner to create a visual checklist for their turnovers so they can send instructions to the person cleaning their home. A big value proposition of Properly is that it addresses what @jpol said about personal touches. I use it and include all of the hospitality touches that are important for my guests such as arranging a welcome basket of food, leaving a welcome note, leaving specific items such as a hiking guide for guests who will be hiking, etc. I am a detailed host so I would have a hard time out-sourcing my turnovers to a company. With Properly, I can set up the job details, choose my own cleaner, watch the progress of the job as it's being done, request and review verification photos of the completed job and know that every task I included has been checked off. It's pretty brilliant. If you use HomeAway or Airbnb, they are fully integrated so your property information, pictures and bookings get downloaded and you can schedule from the app.

2 years ago

Thanks for the post Lisanne - definitely a growing demand for home & marketing automation to manage your rental without actually being there.

I'm sure when Uber, Handy, Hassle, Laundrapp & all the other on demand services popping up have a reliable service + API's - you'll be able to hook into your PMS and manage everything from cleaning to marketing without lifting a finger.

This automation, however, does miss a key element - and that's a personal touch from the owner.

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