Airbnb is to allow hotels and other accommodation providers to list on the site for the first time through an official third party distribution network. SiteMinder will be the first platform to act as a channel manager on a global scale so that its portfolio of properties can be featured alongside existing properties form Airbnb hosts.

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11 months ago

Good read, with the level of control AirBnb will impose over the quality, characteristics & design of the hotels being distributed, it will be interesting to see how this will impact AirBnb's brand and past philosophy of "anything goes" in terms of spaces being rented.

The DudeThe Dude
11 months ago

All the stories that came out about this Siteminder partnership failed to mention the 12% fee charged to guests by airbnb. Unless that has changed under this partnership, Airbnb is just another OTA extracting around 15% from the transaction between host/hotel and guest. Airbnb just makes the guest think its a "reservation" fee going to the host and Airbnb does their best to keep the total the guest ACTUALLY pays out of view from the host. In any case, if a guest would pay $100 for a reservation via Airbnb. They should be willing to pay $100 if booked direct. So the extraction takes place and lowers revenue for hosts/hotels. I love Airbnb's innovations. But we have to remember, they got were they were by enabling hosts to skirt TOT tax collection, safety regulations, and local codes and bullying cities when confronted. The same way Uber and Lyft have done by ignoring regulations and renaming taxi service as "ride sharing". When these companies get near monopoly/duopoly size (Google, Uber, Amazon, Priceline, Expedia) they can bully suppliers or workers around, and lower wages and raise commissions and fees. Thankfully book direct messaging is taking hold in consumers minds!

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