We already know why Airbnb is doing what it's doing with its newest product, Trips, and more - at least from Airbnb's point of view. But the bigger question is: Can Airbnb ultimately succeed in doing all of this, or does it risk a devaluation, a massive distraction, or something greater?

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last year

Are Airbnb creeping outside their comfort zone. Is this a distraction, a step too far into well served markets, and does the whole world love Airbnb as much as our US colleagues think?

Long read for a Sunday before Xmas!

The whole world loves to be looked after and made rich - if you are business that can do both do you stand a good chance of taking the pain out of living?

  • maybe Airbnbers will become AirTripers?

  • maybe people will get on https://turo.com ? (that might sort the private ground transport out a little bit)

  • coaches, trains, planes, boats - mass transit might need a more "novel" approach !

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