Airbnb may have been founded on the premise of renting out spare sofa or bed space as a cheap alternative to hotels, but the company has moved upmarket in a big way, and is about to take that up another notch.

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7 months ago

Just as we thought it was getting suspiciously quiet in the industry! This should be a fascinating one for the villa managers/owners, especially on the non-exclusive ones! What will the OTA's do with each other? Cross market, cut channels, affect cancellation terms, make demands?

7 months ago

Luxury retreats are a BIG HomeAway user..... thus:

  1. Airbnb becomes HomeAways largest customer
  2. Airbnb pulls inventory from HomeAway and feeds it to Airbnb instead
  3. They become partners (for a short while at least lol)


7 months ago

Wow. that is big news!

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