Learn all about smart Airbnb hosting!

Pass the Keys, a reputable Airbnb management company, will give you an income estimate for your Airbnb rental and tell you how to save time! They have successfully hosted thousands of Airbnb guests and manage properties for hundreds of hosts.

Who is this for?

Property owners who are interested in learning more about Airbnb rentals. Maybe you have tested Airbnb or are already hosting but find it time-consuming. Then this seminar is right for you!

Why looking at Airbnb rental?

  • Payback your mortgage faster
  • Finance your travels
  • Earn on rentals while you travel for work
  • New love - rent out your bachelor pad

What will you learn?

Pass the Keys will share their experience and tell you about their Airbnb host management services, making it easy for you to rent out your property. They will share case studies of current hosts and tell you how to optimise your home for Airbnb rentals and make the most out of it.

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