Is This the Worst Piece of Advice Ever For New Holiday Home Owners - That you don't need your own holiday home website? I think it may well be! But let me tell you - you do need your own holiday home website! It's often perceived that websites are expensive to build and maintain as technical ...

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last year

I've always think many people overlook the benfits of a website and don't really understand why or how they can help. A lot of people think it's a lot of work and they get bookings on OTAs anyway, so why bother....

But, websites (undisputely) help everyone with:

  • Recurring bookings and guest

  • Engendering Trust from new guests

  • Grow a brand directly
  • Avoiding marketplace fees
  • Involving guests with your "story" and message
  • Networking with other managers and inventory/units is possible with your own website.

  • Control over your booking terms and guest communication

  • Organic growth and bookings
  • Negate inevitable industry changes by having the "net" to fall back on should marketplaces adopt rules and proceedures which are not compatible with your business and booking policies.
  • Take payments directly to avoid cashflow issues where marketplaces hold funds for months
  • Relationship management and remarketing is easier with a website (if not impossible without one)
  • OTAs currently own your future... REGAIN CONTROL and grow your organic brand to support your business and direct bookings.
  • Loyalty can be earnt and the website is the channel to that.
last year

Gain control. Exactly right Chris!

last year

Hey @KarenTBHR, thanks for the read 👍 . I agree and another great advantage of having a website is no guest service fees and commissions!

last year

A huge advantage Danny!

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