After forcing new listings to be Instant Book only, apparently Airbnb is now looking into new ways to push hosts to activate Instant Book.

They sent out a survey a few days ago, asking hosts if they would activate IB if Airbnb waived the 3% host fess for 90 days.

Additionally, they suggested that host service fees will go up to 5% from the 1st of December for all hosts that don't use IB...

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Why on earth would hosts NOT accept 5% fees in order to stay out of "Instant book"?

Surely, no "Host" (in their right mind) would accept a guest in their property/home that they know nothing about?

2 years ago

Agree, I don't understand how people are ok with anybody staying in their personal space - vacation rentals ARE different to hotels.

There is a now a another ID test running on airbnb - see next post?

2 years ago

Isn't this just blackmail painted in pretty colors and non-threatening marketing messages?

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