I'll admit, this post is well overdue. But the data I am showing you data is research backed proof that the listing sites don't yet control the organic search market as much as you think. Or, to be completely honest, as much as I thought. Let's dive in.

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3 months ago

Nice to see the research for search results. VRBO has long been the HomeAway brand for the US so no surprises on this one. The word brand is the elephant in the room though, much as booking.com is the one for hotels in Europe. Perhaps some brand research on how many people simply head off to Airbnb for example as their trusted choice of accommodation supplier? I'm willing to bet that mainstream VR destinations will be higher for VRBO "Location" and urban will be dominated by Airbnb "Location". The battle is on. VRBO is a US site, Airbnb is global.

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