If you don't believe that video is THE marketing & communications method of the future, consider these statistics: Video now accounts for 1/2 of all mobile web traffic 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, which equates to 3,600 web pages Photos are liked 2x more than text

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2 years ago

I completely agree that video is the way forward for attracting travellers to your vacation rental/holiday let. And putting a face to the property can also build trust, and start to re-build the personal relationship with the traveller that the global OTAs have done so much to destroy in recent years.

The most difficult thing is making your first attempt at creating a video which features you, front & centre. Yes, my attempt left so many outtakes on the cutting room floor, and there is much to learn. However, it is worth giving it a try!. It creates a personality around your service, and builds trust.


  • Use a tripod for most of it. Handheld is very difficult, especially if your property is small.
  • Cast some light on the subject, and look at the effect of different lighting angles and tones.
  • Try to lay your hands on a decent microphone, especially when you are speaking to camera.
  • Edit the cuts together using some form of editing software.
  • And throw some music over the top of the final visuals. If you can edit the cuts to the beat of the music, all the better.

And don't be too self-critical. Make a start, listen to feedback, then enhance it.

2 years ago

Another point related to video which, certainly in Europe, has a more serious undertone, is the use of video as a way of limiting the potential for scammers to dupe travellers into falling victim to an accommodation scam.

The UK has seen a 20% increase in holiday scams this year, with similar commentary across Europe. Fake websites are being set-up and travellers are being persuaded to part with money under false pretences. Often the fake websites present properties which do not exist, or present properties for rent, without the knowledge of the owner. Payments are made to the scammers, again without the knowledge of the owner.

Perhaps video has a role to play in personalising the accommodation offer to the point where a scammer would be unlikely to broadcast a video of him/herself attempting to effect a scam against the general travelling public. I recently published an article on this, which you are welcome to read and comment upon.

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