As the vacation rental industry continues to flourish, so do the horror stories. You might have heard about the Canadian family who discovered more than $50,000 worth of damage after returning to their rental property, or the British couple whose apartment was trashed during a New Year's Eve party. Don't let yourself or your property be a victim of such horror stories!

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2 years ago

Fortunately these "horror stories" are rare, but these security tips are good for whether or not $50,000 worth of damage is found.

I think the two tips regarding taking out vacation rental insurance and asking for a security deposit in the listing are both extremely important.

Airbnb's $1 million "host guarantee" form of insurance is not an all-inclusive deal. That's why making sure your property is covered by rental insurance specifically for vacation and short term rentals is crucial. Not only is it a smart move in terms of protecting your property, but in many cities it is illegal to operate with this type of insurance. Make sure you AND your property are covered.

The security deposit is pretty self-explanatory - you're going to want to have that as part of your listing, just in case!

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