When a guest books with you for the first time, treat it like an audition to win a customer for life.

Follow this handy guide to after-stay communication to make sure you succeed every time!

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2 years ago

It's important to make a good impression on guests not just to provide a pleasant stay in hopes of gaining an equally pleasant review, but also because it'll increase your chances of a guest booking your property for another future stay. Once you have a large amount of guests and deliver a high quality service, they can give you repeat business, and when combined with new guests, can really boost your occupancy. This allows you to experiment with increasing your nightly rate!

Business travelers are a good group to start with. Often times business travelers will travel to a destination more than once, and if you can provide everything they want and expect, it's likely that these business travelers may become repeat guests!

If I know a guest stayed at my property for a certain event at a certain time during the year, I will contact them prior to that same event for the next year. If I have tourists coming for summer, I will target them before summer and highlight the listing as a summer vacation getaway.

VR ownerVR owner
2 years ago

I lke that, "treat it like an audition". Ideally win the customer AND his friends for life.

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