Vacation rental owners need to capitalize on any local and exciting events happening in their region to draw more vacation rental guests and serve them better. This strategy can also assist in receiving repeat bookings.

Local events or festivals that are of interest to your past guests can propel them to book your property for a few days. Some examples include the ‘super bowl’, a huge soccer tournament, festivals, film festivals, music festivals etc. With well-timed marketing, you can not only generate inquiries, but also have your vacancies occupied to the last day.

These are the 7 amazing ways that will help you to market your vacation rental and attract more guests based on local events.

1. Select Your Guests

2. Acknowledge your guests for their stay at your rental

3. Make a list of local events in your city

4. The email marketing method

5. Prepare your promotion technique

6. Provide inside news after booking

7. Promote the experiences

It is not too complicated for the vacation rental owners to capitalize on the local events to attract guests to their vacation rental. With correct strategies and creative ideas, one can have a booked rental calendar.

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