The research was conducted using Airdna, an Airbnb data mining company which tracks the performance of rentals all around the world.

Airdna analyses pricing, occupancy & income generated from over 4 million properties on Airbnb, and can identify prime vacation rental real-estate and predict smart investment opportunities.

Top 25 cities where you can make the most money on Airbnb

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3 days ago

Interesting. Barcelona's position connected to their recent hosting of Olympics? Have similar data for USA cities?

5 days ago

I didn't expect to see Barcelona & Prague in the top two spots. I could of swore it was New York!

6 days ago

Thanks for sharing, @jpol.

As number 1 on the list, it's no wonder Barcelona has hit back with big ($635,000) fines for Airbnb and HomeAway, then. The huge increase of short term rentals are pushing up prices for residents.

As a Barcelona resident myself, I'm very interested to see what happens next!

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