This article is inspired by a question that came from Quora, where somebody asked what king of business can he start with just a laptop. This person received 5 answers and I am convinced he deserves more options from where can may choose from. If you have a laptop and know a coffee shop with...

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Clau ZoneClau Zone
2 years ago

Hi Richard, Alex is providing Full-Service for holiday houses, hotels and villas - using a PMS+Channel Manager. What would you recommend as a long term opportunity? Especially with cloud bases systems for online distribution, after you have built your portfolio is easier to get references and take into account, that not much is to be done after the set-up. Passive income and revenue is coming during the lifetime of the account.

2 years ago

I read the post. Not sure what Alex actually does? It sounds like he's a manual channel manager? It's not a long term opportunity.

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