Belen Gomez [email protected] 16:35 (4 minutes ago)

Hello Desiree,

I hope you are well.

I am contacting you from TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals as we are looking to partner with property managers like yourself in order to add quality inventory to our platforms (TripAdvisor, HolidayLettings, Niumba, Flipkey, HouseTrip...).

We work with different Channel Managers, API, XML. etc. to help you update the content and reservations but you can also update your properties manually if you prefer.

Let me copy the main features of our most famous model, the Pay Per Booking model, where you can list all your inventory on TripAdvisor for free! You will only be charged a 3% fee for booking confirmed with a traveller fee added at checkout. Below are some important notes about the program:

  • Although you will get an email notification for enquiries received, you must login to your TripAdvisor account to communicate and respond to travellers.
  • The traveller’s contact information will be masked to make sure that all communications and transactions take place within TripAdvisor’s system.
  • Once you confirm the reservation, all bookings must be processed using our payment tool.
  • Your guest will receive an email to easily pay by credit card or e-check (electronic check).
  • Payment is held by us until at least 24 hours after guest check-in. After payment is released, it will be processed and deposited into your bank account within 3-5 business days.
  • A 3% fee will be automatically deducted from each payment you receive

Please let me know if you have any question,

Best Regards, Belen

Belen Gomez Business Development Executive TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals


last year

Bearing in mind January booking period is almost upon us, I'm curious as to how many people will see their July and August peak seasons income being held back for 7+months and how many large home owners will not need to vet guests more thoroughly?

I think the supplier base would probably go belly up - on the FHL game and revert to AST.

last year

I use TripAdvisor on annual payment - I would NEVER subscribe to the model they offered. Best wishes for 2017

What is concerning is I already have listed via a chanel manager - don't they know who I am? Happy New Year wishes for 2017

last year

Unfortunately my experience is customer service is terrible - same probably applies to connecting current listers with new prospects - I often get similar offers.

last year

Happy New Year!

It sounds like they want to join the rest of the silva back gorillas (Airbnb, HomeAway etc).

It's sad that not a single one is going to buck the trend but perhaps it's the only way for them to compete with Airbnb and not become yesterday's news...

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