At the moment it does not matter whether you perform a Google search from your phone or from your computer; you'll see the same results. But in a few months this is set to change. The company is set to launch a new mobile search index that will be more up to date than the desktop index.

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Alan EganAlan Egan
2 years ago

Hi Danny,

I think it's just another indicator that Google are addicted to "Fresh". The fresher the content the higher it ranks (they've been doing that for a long time). Google want to see signs of life as opposed to "static" sites. Also, I guess if you have your mobile in hand and act on information you just searched for, you may end up wasting your time if the information is out of date. This will be good news for VR owners and managers that have adopted a working content strategy.

2 years ago

Interesting. I don't see why they'd need to display mobile results that are more up-to-date?

I'd take a guess it's because people on their mobiles perform more searches for things like news and social media - stuff that's happening now - but if you're searching for a holiday, you'd probably sit at your desktop and you wouldn't want social media & news stories... So perhaps this is good news for VR?

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