I'm toying with the idea of going after the 'parents with children under the age of 12' segment. I think it has appeal because it might be poorly-served.

Am I crazy? I know that school vacations is a major headache, the risk of damage, the effect on other guests, but what else might scupper me?

What has your experience of this market been?


last year

Not crazy at all.

If you're going down this route, embrace it and build your brand around it. It will differentiate you in the saturated market this is quickly becoming!

There are also good opportunities in lesser-known listing sites for this niche, including:

Using a niche listing site & direct booking approach, you could save on high OTA fees and build a brand for repeat visitors. Good luck 😀

last year

I think it's a great idea! Family friendly holidays are a big trend. I always use this as a selling point for my apartment.

2 months ago

That's indeed a great idea buddy.

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