It's been about six months since Airbnb launched Trips, its formal foray into the tours and activities space. While many industry watchers have pondered whether this was a smart financial move on Airbnb's part, the product itself is still in its early stages, even as Airbnb continues to add more and more Trips in cities around the world.

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last year

“It’s important to know that 30 percent of tour and activity companies earn less than $50,000 in revenue on a global basis. That’s where this part of the industry is.”

This shocked me a little. I always thought Airbnb would eventually be dominated by large tour operators. Similar to what's happening now with rentals on the platform. A very small share of people are actually sharing their homes.. It's predominantly managers.

But 30% of operators make under $50,000 shows a ton of trips operators will actually be small & personal. I'm sure then we'll consolidation, similar to what's happening now.

last year

This is well worth a read....

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