I work for a rental agency that has lots of good TripAdvisor reviews. Currently we just quote them on the website.

I feel there is more I can do like using reviews to keep the content fresh for SEO. Also how to you use reviews on your website?


2 years ago

Hi @leo.k,

I think using reviews from TripAdvisor on your site is a good way to add fresh content, as long as you're getting regular reviews. You may want to consider using their widgets, this will automate the process (see: https://www.tripadvisor.com/TripAdvisorInsights/n728/displaying-your-tripadvisor-rating-and-latest-reviews-your-site).

Instead of constantly adding reviews to your website and then spending time / money sending people to see them, you could use TripAdvisor as a source of inbound traffic. Make sure your profile is maintained with the relevant links to your website. Enage in the community and thank people for leaving reviews - this may result in more leads.

Also, if the majority of your reviews are really good, adding a widget to your website would beat having "cherry picked" reviews any day - it's real and proves your credability.

2 years ago

I'm going to argue a few points why it may be better to manually add your reviews:

  • You can "cherry pick" the reviews - even if 95% are awesome, that 5% will show up and could lose you bookings
  • TripAdvisor widgets are notoriously slow
  • You can design your reviews to fit within your website (unlike TridAdvisors unresponsive widgets)
  • You can link to the reviews on TripAdvisor to prove their validity
  • You can expand on reviews and write case studies to improve SEO

That being said, manually adding widgets and doing the above is a lot of work. Also, make sure the reviews don't become outdated.

Here's a nice example I found:

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