We need to install smart locks in all our properties and was wondering which one to choose.

Please list your suggestions/recommendations in the comments below?


last year

After some research, for the UK, I'd recommend the Danalock V2 Bluetooth and Z Wave Smartlock. It was ranked the 3rd best smart lock in early Jan 2017 (and it's the only UK lock in the list) 😃

Hi, For it's amazing preformance and such a good web portal for managing multiple locks, nobody else can provide at this moment, I would recommend LOCKSTATE 7i. Price is a bit higher that other Smart Locks, but quality and web portal, explains why... More info on; https://www.smartlocksolutions.eu/remote-lock-lockstate

If, however you are looking for a Premium product, with amazing performances and quality, I would recommend you Danalock V3 Z-Wave. It will be out on the market end of August 2017. and the results/feedback we have so far, are amazing! More info: https://www.smartlocksolutions.eu/danalock

For any information, please do contact us on: [email protected] www.smartlocksolutions.eu

last year

I am using August, which works well. Guesty also have a pretty extensive list of choices here: https://www.guesty.com/academy/electronic-smart-locks-for-your-airbnb/

last year

Hi @jbozek, August locks don't work in the UK because we use a different locking mechanism. However, I've heard August is good and they maybe rolling out in the UK soon: http://ce-pro.eu/2017/01/august-smart-lock-soon-launch-uk-mortice-lock-compatibility/

Thanks to you both - we are still researching smart locks for the UK - I will post our findings here when available if that helps any other "UK smart lock under consideration people" :)

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