TripAdvisor's second-quarter results highlight how it plans to improve its Instant Booking product now that the global roll-out is complete and more than half a million properties can be booked this way. In a "prepared remarks" document hosted on its investor relations site, CEO Steve Kaufer outlined the four phases of Instant Booking.

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2 years ago

A few interesting things in here, one is the opportunity of new media, no detail but has to come.

Then the price war depsite demanding investment in media, presentation, guest service and technology:

“We are testing ways to make it easier to find the lowest room prices across the one million hotels, inns, and B&B properties listed on TripAdvisor..............."

The space for strong-micro brands is also apparent within the increasing inventory space.

VR ownerVR owner
2 years ago

TripAdvisor just looks so messy. They need bigger screens just to show everything. Be interesting how they push mobile. The space is tough., Expedia and TA. Is there enough space, all booking the same accommodation?

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