Heads up - It's approaching a million bookings a week. When you see that the numbers involved are so large that they need to employ artificial intelligence to deal with day to day business it's no great surprise that they don'y really care about us individually.

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  • never to big to fail - the singularity approaches ?
  • such tension - prepare for the apocalypse ?
  • a world run by machines - thankful we are mortal ?
  • stop thinking - just be doing?

No wonder some governments fight these corporate behemoths...

2 years ago

Very interesting to hear from someone so closely involved with the machine learning tech behind Airbnb. Well worth a read

2 years ago

Thanks for the post Alan.. very interesting insight into what the future may look like for Airbnb & travel for that matter.

If the A.I was really good, it could find the rentals direct and save the guest money!

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