I've recently received an Amazon Echo / Amazon Alexa (UK link) (US link) for the first time - and I must say it's really cool.

If you haven't already seen one, this is what they do:

They are really useful but the scope of what they can do is massive. You can connect Echo to apps like IFTTT to do any task you want, like even control the temperature and lighting.

My first thought was:

Wow, how can make my life easier?

My second thought was:

Wow, guests would really love this!

Here's why:

1. Echo would improve the guest experience


Amazon Echo works well as a speaker. You can tell it to play music, news, audio books, karaoke, radio stations and pretty much anything.

It's also a real laugh, asking it various questions and to tell jokes. Alexa's pretty funny.


Echo isn't just fun, it can perform:

  • Maths calculations
  • Add items to your shopping list
  • Hail an Uber taxi
  • Ask for your laundry to be picked up
  • Set alarms
  • Give you recipes
  • Convert kitchen measurements
  • Updates on weather
  • Check your calendar
  • Define anything you want
  • Answer any question you may have
  • And much more

Relevant to your vacation rental & location

You can easily program Echo to do certain things relevant to your vacation rental and location. For example, if the guest asks for "things to do" or "places to eat" you can tell Echo to recite them.

Or how about giving the guests a welcome tour of the house? Echo can be placed in multiple rooms!

2. It may encourage repeat business

For Amazon Echo to work, guests would have to connect their account with it. This is an opportunity to capture guest information.

Combined with the truly unique and memorable guest experience it provides - Amazon Echo can easily encourage repeat bookings.

3. It's unique and could entice travellers to book

If you converted your vacation rental into a "smart home" with Echo connected to your lights, temperature & locks you'd have a really unique selling point.

And it wouldn't be too difficult to promote these features on your listing / website....

If you'd like to buy one: (UK Echo link) (Non affiliate link) (US Echo link) (Non affiliate link) 😀


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