Content: To make the website attractive, the content of the page should be interesting and readable for users. The landing pages should be designed in such a way that they clearly show the visitor the purpose of your website and what they expect from your website. If the visitor does not find out at the first minutes exactly what the site wants to tell him will surely leave the website and will no longer return to it, and this will reduce your rate of visit.

Easy Readability: Make sure that the content you post on the website is easy to read. Use the appropriate font size should not be too small and should not be too large, make sure the font color is different from the background color, the color Do not use similar backgrounds and fonts. This makes it easy for the visitor to read your content and feel comfortable with your site.

Loading speed is a key aspect of website development, the website loading speed should be very fast; many people leave the site if it does not load in the first few seconds of the site, which may affect your visit rate. . As far as possible, make sure the infrastructure of your site is appropriate and desirable to load as fast as possible on your website.

Using CSS3 and HTML5: In the past, JavaScript was used extensively for site design. It is true that the popular choice of the time, Javascript will slow down your website, and also weaken the search results of your website in search engines. In order to avoid these problems, HTML5 and CSS3 should be used to make the website Make yourself attractive and do not get upset.

Navigation and Search Options: Make sure navigation and site search for users are clear and meaningful and based on search engine standards, this means that the user should not spend much time on menus or directories or this Losing pages takes a lot of pages. You can also create a search button for users to get the fastest possible results.

Social Media Buttons: Social Networks is one of the strongest strengths of this decade by which you can visit a lot of visitors to your website. This button allows visitor pages on web pages. Share your favorite site pages with others, and this will connect others to your site and is one of the best ways to connect three people.

Responsive Design: Today, the use of smart devices like mobile phones is more than desktop computers, it's very important that you consider it for your website at design time and implement it because of the rate at which your site was viewed. But if it's not, then users who visit your website with mobile phones and tablets can not feel comfortable with your website and come out of your site.

Pictures and Videos: Still, one of the best and most effective ways to attract visitors to the world is to capture attractive images and movies. Putting interactive photos instead of reading long paragraphs, be sure to consider the time when designing the site to rate Your visit will increase.

Fixing Errors: Make sure your website is free of any errors. The site should be attractive to visitors for its function. Make sure the errors are fixed before the site is publicly visible.

These are some of the most basic tips for attracting traffic from visitors to your website to rely on them when designing a website. source :


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