Airbnb’s getting A LOT of negative comments on a popular tech forum. Here’s what people are saying…

After Airbnb said they had raised $1 billion yesterday in the latest round of funding and announced they’d become profitable last year, Hacker News has exploded with negative comments about Airbnb from both a guest and hosts perspective.

I have compiled a few comments from the thread for everyone.

Airbnb has lost its appeal to me, it’s cheaper & easier to use hotels

In my experience Airbnb is in big trouble. I ended up using HomeAway

Airbnb is usually a terrible deal for guests

Unless they fix reviews & get more people to review honestly, they’ll run into problems

It goes both ways, problems with hosting and too many guest refunds

There are a ton more comments. Some good but mostly bad. You can read the full discussion here.

What are your thoughts?