We believe that hosts in London make a positive contribution to the city by welcoming guests into their homes and showing them the very best of what Londoners love about our capital. We want to help ensure that home sharing grows responsibly and sustainably, and makes London’s communities stronger.

That is why we are introducing a change to our platform that will create new and automated limits to help ensure that entire home listings in London are not shared for more than 90 days a year, unless hosts confirm that they have permission to share their space more frequently.

The new measures will begin from 2017. If you want to host more often, you will need to certify that you have permission to do so or apply for the relevant permissions from your local council.

The rules for home sharing, which were introduced in 2015 (see here for more details), allow Londoners to share their homes for up to 90 nights in each calendar year without needing planning permission, and the vast majority of hosts in London already respect those rules.

Airbnb is committed to working with cities to promote responsible home sharing. This is something that we stated in the Community Compact launched last year. While independent research shows that home sharing has no significant impact on housing affordability in London, we believe it’s important to take action against unwelcome commercial operators who have no place on our platform. We’re taking this step to ensure that the Airbnb community continues to thrive in London, and that our platform is promoting responsible home sharing. For more information, please visit the Help Centre.

Thank you, The Airbnb Team


2 years ago

They've lost this battle - Looks like Airbnb are finally bending to city council rules.

Who will win in the end? Who knows.

It's totally unfair for existing companies who've complied with the law for years but at the same time, having worked in two technology startups, I wish the council weren't so strict.

2 years ago

It's more about the battle of keeping professional landlords from illegally using the website. In Buzzfeed's recent study, they showed about 7,000 properties or 1/3 of Airbnb's in London were landlords.

So a fair few will be affected!

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