Vacation rental managers and owners who have listings on HomeAway's sites are reporting that HomeAway is cracking down on content in vacation rental listings that provides information to guests about how to contact the the the owner or manager directly. In an email to customers, HomeAway said, "We will deactivate listings that contain messaging indicating that travelers are encouraged ...

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2 years ago

This one is doing the rounds and highlights the end of term, except no one is going to the prom. Airbnb is following up its racism promise and I guess we can all expect their solution (instant book) to be implemented too. This will undoubtedly lose them business as many hosts flee to other platforms and look hard at other routes to market.

Mickey KropfMickey Kropf
2 years ago

While some listers are surely upset by this move, they shouldn't be surprised. Apparently, Airbnb has taken similar actions in the past and Expedia has made their intentions of having substantially all bookings eventually occur online for some time. There are burgeoning alternatives happy to accept subscription fees from owners who want to market their properties yet book offline.

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