We came across this this week and as it says, you aren't going to like it. Higher host fees and worse still guests can cancel mid stay and get a refund - What are Airbnb thinking of? When Airbnb has to introduce important changes or product updates, it often tests them only on a smaller portion of its user base.

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2 years ago

It is incredible. With many hosts adopting Strict policies that last one (50% refund on remaining days) just about does it. Its shows complete disregard for the poor owner who if a guest decides to up sticks and leave. forfeits this income and is unlikely to rebook easily or have time enough to clean up. It doesn't look like a hotel, smell like a hotel, or work like a hotel. Guess what, Airbnb don't forfeit their fee. This is hardly sharing! I criticised HomeAway for 2 years as they crept unchecked to ecomm with its current chaos. Let Airbnb do this on shared rooms if they wish, (it's apparently where their market is according to the press) but do not apply the same rules to mainstream VR. The manager and owners will simply raise prices to cover risk. Kind of negates the whole sharing, price, experience ethos. Airbnb PR teams are going to need reinforcements!

2 years ago

It's verging on unbelievable. You'd think they would forfeit their fee or at least some of it.

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