Airbnb Inc. said it kicked 2,233 more listings off its platform in New York City, seeking to weed out hosts who violate its policies as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo weighs whether to sign legislation that would make it illegal to advertise multiple listings.

The 2,233 listings, which amount to about 5 percent of those on the home-sharing website in the city, “appeared to be hosts with multiple listings that could impact long-term housing availability,” Airbnb said Thursday in a statement.

Airbnb, which is raising money at a $30 billion valuation, is facing regulatory pressure from two of its largest U.S. cities, New York and its hometown San Francisco. Airbnb is suing San Francisco for passing a law that would fine the company for listing units that aren’t registered with the city. Airbnb argues the new requirements violate federal law and its First Amendment rights.

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