Hi there, I received a booking through Booking.com did I wanted to cancel because I had the house committed already. Does anyone have experience with how Booking.com handles this?

They told me the offered the guest an alternative (for which I would need to make up for the difference if its price were higher). But I actually did not see any evidence of this.

Does anyone have experience with how Booking handles this? Is it fearmongering or they go out shopping with their hand in your wallet?


11 months ago

I'm afraid BCOM do not take prisoners in general.

You need to keep calendars fully synchronize and an instant booking is an instant booking. You cannot refuse it if all terms are correct. If the guest accepts it's not possible then a chance, but you are expected to assist in finding similar and acceptable accommodation. If not then they will find one and will bill you the excess.

This can be very expensive if it's a peak period and only the most expensive is left. So commission and extra costs.

It's much harder for a rental as a hotel can bump people or reallocate rooms!

BCOM on the other hand sometimes phone to see if a supplier will give the money back if there is a non-refundable deposit!

The guest is most important, they have lots of suppliers!

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