If you are looking for a completely responsive or responsive site template that can be easily edited and preserved, be sure to select Bootstrap. So now, the question arises as to what this particular bootstrap has to do with its template, let's explain it in the following article. Take a look at any brand new website or a very well-designed website. I can bet you that 90% of them are implemented on Bootstrap. Why? For site designers and developers to enjoy the flexibility and ease of use and amazing benefits. The Bootstrap framework includes the front page framework of your template or website, which combines HTML, CSS, and javascript code. This framework is implemented by the Twitter team and is fully supported by HTML5 and CSS3. Today, HTML5 and CSS3 have become the mainstream of the Web world for web designers, and Bootstrap has also become one of these standard components in recent years. Bootstrap has full compatibility with all browsers, even with Internet Explorer 8. What does it mean for you? This means your website is displayed on all browsers as best as possible. Bootstrap websites are fully responsive, the combined use of JavaScript, CSS and Grid is completely smart, Here, developers can maneuver on all elements. Why should you care about the end user of your site? You have probably already noticed that the web is constantly changing, the world of mobile phones is the same. Do not you care about your website on an iPhone and a big screen? Is it important for you to properly display your site on all devices? Well, Bootstrap lets you have all of the above and gives users a pleasure in enjoying the site visitors who can easily use your site with any device that has any screen size. Now we review the features of this framework: Its high speed You can easily make changes to it High learning speed Starting with the release Grid system Wide list of components Plugin for javascript Extremely high styles for HTML5 Good documentation The Bootstrap team is constantly updating this framework and implementing all of its new features in the framework; there are also free and beautiful templates on the Internet that you do not need to edit too much. Become a professional web designer. Just do a small search on Google to find these templates.

Well, I'll give you some examples of websites that work with Bootstrap:

Creative WordPress Theme

Natural Stone Floor Wall Joomla Template

Modify Multipurpose Website Template

You can easily change all the elements of this framework and create a flawless design. source : http://www.parsaya.com/corporative


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