In the last weeks Airbnb has been testing a few changes to push more guests to look for Instant Book listings in the search results page.

In this way, people will much more easily access the filter and find places that are immediately bookable... If you don't have IB activated, this might be one more reason to do so.

More details here:

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2 years ago

Very interesting, thanks for the gif @matteo!

HomeAway took the approach to penalise properties not using "instant book" by lowering them in their "best match" searching algorithm.

Looks like Airbnb's approach is to add a descrete toggle to show/hide instant bookable properties - and by "descrete" I mean SUPER OBVIOUS!

It will definitely provide Airbnb with clear statistics about how much guests care about "instant book". I'm interested to see the results...

2 years ago

Its actully turning into a Bun fight, home owners desires/wishes and convenience ability vs the instant booking guest. With every big company trying to rationalise the VR business and get inventory onboard its going to polarise the market even further.

Cash flow, lack of decision opportunity (for lots of reasons) and cancellation policies need sorting to accommodate the seasonal businesses, at least.

2 years ago

Instant bookable vacation rentals are essentially micro hotels - I think you're right, we'll see a clear split: Micro Hotels vs Real Home Rentals.

Will this lead to more unhappy guests when they realise the accommodation is not quite the fit they were expecting and that they have a few more unanswered questions and if they cancel they will be financially penalised?

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