The recent growth of the vacation rental industry is perhaps most evident in Airbnb's success, which will not go unchallenged by Airbnb competitors.

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2 years ago

Its a question I am particularly intrigued about as this is a double edged sword. The guest has to "feel the love and trust" of the company providing the whole experience. The inventory suppliers are all cramming for most exposure, the economics and processes are more complex and this is early stage in the "new rental world", so a lot of permutations.

The natural thought is dynamic packaging will win. Expedia allows you to book flights, cars etc. but is this a growing trend or is "self packaging" the future, perhaps with API led multi-service providers in rentals spread across more players. Its looks like packaging, but its not!

There is a whole new raft of renters and these are the ones who will determine the success brands of the future. We may all be surprised who wins the day, who grabs hearts and minds and has seamless processes. its could be another, Google perhaps.

2 years ago

For a lot of people Airbnb is synonymous with vacation rentals and they have never heard of Airbnb’s competitors. That doesn’t mean sites like HomeAway, VRBO and FlipKey aren’t major players though, because they most certainly are.

It is important for vacation rental hosts to have knowledge of multiple platforms. You cannot guarantee that your chosen platform will be around forever, so it is wise to list on multiple sites. It helps expand your reach as well, which is what vacation rental management companies do to a great effect. It can have huge impact on occupancy and can secure higher rates.

The difference is largely a question of branding and user experience. Airbnb attracts a largely millennial user base which is the growing market, but Expedia (HomeAway) offers packages with flights, which some argue will give them the edge. If it wasn't clear already, the market is definitely big enough for multiple major players to coexist.

2 years ago

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Who Will Win? ...In the end, you win

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