Holidaymakers heading off to a sunny poolside villa are being urged to check that the property exists as UK travel companies are accused of not doing enough to prevent online holiday-home fraud.

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We need more than a Just credit/debit card payment system to help counteract VR or FHL fraud - do you have any ideas?

2 years ago

That's the idea behind, where properties can have a universal stamp of approval that verifies the authenticity of the property.

Exactly how is the "universal stamp of approval " obtained?

I had a look - no mention of method of verification of property authenticity ... mmm?

  • how does avroa actually verify the property ?

2 step listing account process leads to:

"After setting up your Listing Account you will be able to list and manage your property on AVROA’s property listings service and give other people access to your property dashboard without giving them access to your association membership personal information."

2 years ago

Rod's left a comment above to answer your questions :)

2 years ago

Hi everyone, this is Rod Fitts, president of AVROA.

Vacation Rental scams is a growing problem. The way our Property Certification works is that an AVROA Member completes an application with information that proves the owner/manager and property are real. We then issue a certification seal with a unique 6 digit number that can be displayed anywhere the property is advertised. The six digit number references a dedicated certification web page that the guest can view showing who the owner/manager is, where the rental is located and where it is ligitimately advertised on the Internet.

Certification is a great marketing tool because it assures your guests that you and your property are real. It also deters thieves from stealing your property information. You can learn more about Certification and other AVROA programs by visiting and clicking on the "About" button on the main menu bar

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