It's every vacation rental host's worst nightmare: you show up to your property after a guest has left and find a trashed home, broken furniture, and missing valuables. An attempt to track down your visitor turns up even more disturbing revelations: not only did they pay with a stolen credit card, but...

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2 years ago

This is a very important article to share with the worrier traveler in your life – but it’s also a good idea to read it if you’re any type of traveler. The nightmare travel stories you hear are few and far between and you constantly are thankful that it wasn’t you. But there are things that are being done with smart technology these days that don’t just leave safety in the travel industry up to chance. Fraud and scams are common in this industry and that’s exactly where this technology has been put to good use.

I love that you talked about the most important part in all of this, trust. After all, Airbnb's entire platform and business model is built on trust. When you travel you want to trust that you’ll be safe and you want to trust that the place you’re staying in will be as you expect it. Smart technology is really being put to good use in many forms, including smart locks and secure booking platforms. I hope more hosts and companies take the lead on this in the future.

2 years ago

Also, that's why projects like AVROA are important. AVROA manually verifies properties and provides the owner & guest with a certification to prove the property/owner you are staying with is trustworthy & genuine.

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