Seems to align itself with the VRMA!

Verified Vacation Rentals and Vacation Rental Companies. Independent industry professionals visit, review, and verify vacation rental companies and properties.

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Perhaps they would give an interview to clarify their offering?

So you get verified and then go any verify properties? Pyramid scheme?

Have they reverse engineered Airbnb's guest/host review system?

2 years ago

Domain name is registered by, so a brief read of the FAQ's, seems each manager becomes a verifier using a pre-configured digital form. Its essentially an easier way to verify companies within the industry and to get free stays.

Downsides I guess are that managers may not want to be audited outside of professional bodies (and this is not that) and "licensed" tends to be US and city destinations. Only a fraction of Spanish properties for example are licenced, UK ones have no "license" criteria and nor does most of Europe.

On the other hand if you can build a brand reputation via a Kite Mark style approach and this is recognised by a high % of guests then it may pay dividends. The verifier gets offered a property of the managers choice, so can pay "special attention" to the verifier.

I would worry it has too many moving parts and needs a lot of money to make it visible It would be good to have standards though!

The major review sites carry the power right now.

Barter town style compensation may work with cash strapped or in a Mad Max World but really with the Airbnb crowd - would the hosts go for it?

Do we still have VB assessors ? err... yes!

they are "trained and seasoned" assessors? ... possibly so!

we have standards

we use these as guidelines for on-boarding our owners.

there is an assessed property list -for guests to check quality rating.

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