We've seen so many people complain recently about enquiries drying up.

If you do not allow Guest Service Fees, let Homeaway know your business, pay a subscription, it doesn't matter if you're the only home in town, you won't be seen! Read on, this is how it works!

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Maybe it will transpire that HA will be "too expensive" for guests to book on? Maybe there will be another platform that emerges where search is good and fees are in proportion?

Many of our guests refuse to pay online to an unsecure third party {i.e., HomeAway Online Payment/VacationRentPayment d/b/a YapStone was breached "between 7/15/14 and 8/5/15 exposing Email, Social Security Numbers and Bank Accounts"}. Therefore, most of them will only use PayPal. This is very smart and will eventually have a huge negative impact on HomeAway's online booking system. It won't be long before they'll need to introduce ANOTHER new business plan to attract and keep customers. Their "customer service" certainly doesn't help achieve this objective.

2 years ago

Is that public information? I hadn't seen that.

I do think if HA want to increase opportunity they need to integrate more payment systems or all booking delivery under a PCI secure umbrella to more services.

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